Monster Defense:Random Clash

<font color="orange"><b>Want to become a master of hand-held summoning?</b></font>📱<font color="orange">Want to experience the fun of pocket battle anytime? </font>😎<font color="orange">"Monster Defense: Random Clash" you deserve! Take out your smartphone anytime, anywhere, and engage in an exciting round of random monster defense battles!</font> <font color="red"><b>Essentials of winning</b></font>🏆 How to defeat the enemy in a fierce game? You can use powerful offensive fighters to quickly destroy the enemy and accumulate advantages for your victory👊; you can use subtle auxiliary cards to enhance your team's strength💪; you can use cunning assassins to destroy your opponent's monsters☠; or use powerful bombs to instantly reverse The battle, blow up the audience💣! Here, you can not only see monster warriors attacking at high speed, but also powerful magicians who can attack multiple enemies. Some helpers can weaken the enemy for you, some partners can build walls to block the enemy, and even some warriors. Can destroy the enemy instantly!🤣 <font color="red"><b>How to play?</b></font>❓👇 Choose five cards to form your team and enter the game🃏! In the game, you only need to keep calling new monsters to defend you from the enemy! The destroyed enemy will be teleported to your opponent! In the 3*5 chessboard, your warrior will be randomly selected, and then appear in a random position! You can select fighters of the same type and number of stars for synthesis. 💡Please note: The new fighters generated by synthesis are also random, but the number of stars will increase. Tip: Don't forget to upgrade the power of your fighters! <font color="red"><b>Collect monsters</b></font>🐵🐮🐼🐱 Need help? There are so many ways here that you can keep collecting new monsters and get soft! You can continuously challenge other players to win trophies and unlock generous rewards that are unique to you🎁; you can also start endless cooperation modes with other players to resist the endless invading enemies, open cooperative treasure chests, and collect massive new monster helpers😍! There are also various special gift packages, passes, luxurious treasure chests, and many ways to help you collect monsters! Little secret: sometimes high-level cards are also sold in shops. This game is not a traditional tower defense idle game, When two monsters are synthesized, there is a certain degree of randomness. You may get zombies, snipers and even a dice,😂 just like opening Pandora's box. So it is also a strategy game. If you are not careful, your victory will go away from you like a blooms explosion. <font color="green"><b>Game Features--Compulsory course</b></font> --Fashionable gameplay that is popular all over the world: random generation, random synthesis! --Free download, no registration required!🤩 --PVP mode and PVE mode for you to choose!🆚 --A lot of wonderful and powerful monsters!🎪 --Please look forward to the generous gifts!🎊 --Compete with players from all over the world on the same stage!🌐 It is recommended to have a good network connection or connect to WIFI to get the best gaming experience.📶 Build your card decks, start the game, and luck! Links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below: Privacy Policy: <font color="blue"></font> Terms of Use: <font color="blue"></font> If you have any questions:<font color="blue"></font> youtube video channel: Facebook fan page: Your feedback will be replied within one to three working days, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!😅

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The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely and the world's most elevant channels such as Facebook.